Information My name is petunia. And I'm the owner of this wikia. (Cool! I made a rhyme!) You see, I got interest of messages and templates and images of wikis, so I made all of those here, in the petunia wiki.

Pay attention to what you edit. I have admin privileges, and can block you.

You can result in:

Stop x nuvola

Unable to proceed!

Your account has been blocked from editing because you have did disruption to Petunia's wiki. Please read the following questions carefully;

Why can't I edit Petunia's wiki?

You may have vandalized Petunia's wiki, insulted other users, abused multiple accounts, upload inappropriate images, or have an inappropriate username. Administrator petunia did this because you did the following action(s);


What exactly happened?

Firstly, you may not edit if you were doing vandalism or abuse on the wiki. These are five common reasons for this. They include;

  • Vandalism/Disruptive editing; Doing and editing unwanted insulting stuff on pages or creating titles that are insulting, which is nonconstructive, even though this is a randomness wiki.
  • Personal attacks; Please do not insult anyone, even if they reverted your probably constructive edit and you are probably too mad at them. This should be a nice wikia, as said by the creator.
  • Abusing multiple accounts; Do NOT try to evade blocks. Your new username may end up being suspicious, and you will be blocked, and your main account will have a harsh block. Apologies if you were innocent and your name looked suspicious to another that's not you. You can report this on your talk page if you weren't disabled from so. We will unblock you immediately from the report.
  • Inappropriate username; Your username might be the only reason for this block. Please look at the reason again. If it says your username isn't appropriate, then you've been given a soft block. No need to worry about your edits; You can create another account or request renaming on your talk page. Petunia or another administrator will review this, and rename you.
  • Uploading inappropriate images; You also may not upload any images, in case the block reason was that you were abusing the file uploads (for example, uploading inappropriate images, or spamming the images by repeatedly uploading some files for spam).

How do I appeal my block?

1. The current block will automatically expire in a certain amount of time. You have several ways to appeal this block. Firstly, if the "e-mail blocked" action is not stated in your block log, you can try contacting Petunia (the blocking administrator) via e-mail. Make sure that; a. You are a registered user and have a valid e-mail address is specified in your account preferences and; b. You have not been blocked from using the e-mail feature.

Your current IP address is your IP address, and the block ID is an ID. Please include all above details in any queries you make.

2. You can wait until the block expires. Patience! Don't let $1 and the block flip you out, otherwise your block might be extended and harder by the following admin or another. Why not take a break and doing something else? Like play Marble Blast Gold on your computer (if you have it)? Try learning from your mistakes and you might have chances of being unblocked.

3. If also the "cannot edit own talk page" action is not stated in your block log, you can request assistance on your talk page to explain why to get unblocked and the blocking administrator will try the best to remove the block as soon as possible. Abuse on your talk page may result in it being protected or losing your privileges to edit your talk page.

4. If the "account creation disabled" action is not stated in your block log (might be used alot), you can create another account. This may only be possible if you took an inappropriate username (unless it is too harsh).

My block is indefinite! What do I do?

On some users, indefinite blocks should be used. Indefinite blocks do not automatically expire, I.E a forever block. If not 1 administrator will not lift the block, the user will unfortunately have to permanently say "Bye bye!" (means you get banned) from petunia's wiki, and they can never ever come back, unless something interesting happens that causes the user to be unblocked. Make sure your block log is soft and you can use the appealing ways to get unblocked.

I watch any pages. Abuse of my wiki can result in the message above. Yes, I am an expert. Show some respect and, School person with key log in and create an account.


Yeah. Can you unprotect Flaky's talk page? I need to talk to him/her about something.

SURE! :D I'll get her on right away! Petunia the skunk 03:30, July 28, 2011 (UTC)
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